Design, Manufacture and Repair of Industrial Fans and Blowers

TurboMach Engineering was established in 1979 to provide an engineering support service to clients utilising industrial Fans and Blowers as an integral part of their business practice.

This includes such fields as: manufacturing, air conditioning , primary production, furnaces and combustion, pollution control, mining, and material handling.

With now more than 30 years experience, coupled with a considerable investment in comprehensive equipment, we are well prepared to provide a specialized service for all aspects of Fan Engineering.

TurboMach Engineering does not stock Fans and Blowers, but instead we specialise in the custom design and manufacture of a Fan or Blower to meet your specific requirements.

Our design limits are: Volume Flow rates to 100000M3/Hr, Pressures to 30 KPa, and Temperatures to 6000C.

We design and manufacture industrial fans with an almost unlimited variety and applications. This includes:

  • Axial Flow Fans – single and multistage, contra rotating and bifurcated.
  • Centrifugal Fans and Blowers – single and multistage, radial bladed, limit loading lamina and aerofoil bladed, forward curved and mixed flow. High temperature plug fans.
  • A range of construction materials is also available such as steel - coated or hot dip galvanized, stainless steel and high nickel alloys, aluminium.